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About Quinnies

Quinnie’s Covers Ministry donates blankets to hospitals in our community for babies who have passed away or are in critical care. These blankets are given to the families and marked with a special tag in remembrance of Quinn Barrett. Furthermore, these blankets are designed to share the love of Christ and provides a light in these family’s darkest moment.

Quinnie was a bright light that radiated warmth and happiness to everyone she met, even a complete stranger.  However, on September 16, 2017, our worst nightmare, as parents came true, she passed away due to a tragic accident. Once we were allowed back into the hospital room to spend time with her, our sweet nurse who did the best she could wrap her in a scratchy, sterile white hospital sheet. To say the least, there was nothing personal about it but she tried. After a few days had passed, I contacted our nurse to say thank you for being so loving and kind in helping us through the most difficult day of our lives.

She said she would like to start a blanket donation in her name for other babies who unfortunately have passed away. Therefore, we took this loving idea and ran with it and Quinnie’s Covers Ministry was created. With the amazing love and support from my mom, two best friends, and gracious donors, we were blessed to have donated over 50 blankets to local hospitals for the beautiful babies whose lives were lost or those who are in critical care.

Finally, every blanket given to a family is lovingly adorned with a hand sewn tag, stating where the blanket came from. It is our prayer and sincerest desire that every family who has lost a child would feel the love, peace and healing of Christ through Quinnies Covers.Moreover, we know that losing a child is HARD but Christ is always here to sustain us.


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Isaiah 66:9
“I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born”.